Exam Duty Configuration

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Exam Duty Configuration

Exam duty configuration enables exam admin to allocate with various exam duties to different employee or staff. Exam related duties could be Invigilator, Paper Setter, Paper Selector, Paper Checker, Spot Evaluator etc.


Exam Admin


Exam Admin >> Configuration >> Duty Configuration

Terminology Used

  • Invigilator : An exam invigilator or exam supervisor is someone who is appointed by the exam department to maintain the proper conduct of a particular examination in accordance with the exam regulations.
  • Paper Setter : Paper Setter is someone who sets an questionnaire sheet or question paper for particular course(subject) for which exams are conducted and student shall appear.
  • Moderator Paper Setter : Moderator paper setter shall be responsible to ensure that the question paper set bu paper setter achieves the normal goals of end-of-course assessment.
  • Moderator : A person who reviews examination papers to ensure consistency to be able to provide a balanced and unbiased point of view for examination process.
  • Paper Selector : Paper selector shall have an final authority to select question paper for exam among multiple question paper sets available.
  • Paper Checking : A person giving marks or grades for the conducted exam papers.
  • Spot Evaluator : Spot Evaluator shall be the key functionary for the entire process of evaluation of the answer books of the subject assigned to him/her.


  • Exam should be created

Input Needed

  • Department Name
  • Exam Name


1) Add New Duty

  • Enables user to add new exam duty to various employee.
  • User can specify Exam duty category,Start Date of duty, Payment mode and Various Rules and regulations for particular duty.
  • Payment mode could be : Per paper charges(Paid to Paper checker for checking one course exam paper), Per Day(Paid to to resource for a allocated duty for single day) and Per Shift(Paid to to resource for various shifts he/she works in).

2) Edit and Delete Duty

  • Exam admin can edit or delete existing created duty.
  • Edit configuration for duties like change in rules or payment mode, etc.

3) Create Template

  • Invite template can be created for allocated duties.
  • Exam admin can mention details to employee whom the duty is allocated.
  • Duty template can be created by specifying various fields like Exam Details, Duty Dates, etc.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • Add New Duty
  • Edit Duty
  • Delete Duty
  • Create Template
  • Generate Pdf