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Finance Admin

Library Admin


Accounting » Accounting Configuration » Ledger

Fee » Academic Fees Fixation » Academic Fee Invoice

Configuration » Rule Book Configuration » Configure Rule Book

Issue-Return » Issue Return Transaction

Terminology Used

Ledger Name

Member Type

Rule Name

Rule Value

From Days

To Days

Media Type

Input Needed

Account of

Ledger Name

Ledger Alias

Type of Account

Group / Scheduler

Member Type

Rule Name

Rule Value

From Days

To Days

Media Type


Ledger - User can be created ledger with some basic details like Type of Account,Group / Scheduler etc.

Configure Rule Book - User can be configure rule book with some basic details like (Regular)Re-Issue Days,(Exam)Re-Issue Days,Select Rule,Select Fine Days Range,Rule Value,Currency,Deposit Amount per member type.

Fine List - System will calculate fine amount as per rule book configuration.

Mark For Finance - Library admin mark this amount to finance for receipt generation.

Screen Shots / Steps

Ledger Creation

Ledger Creation.png

Add New Ledger

- To add new ledger click on Add New Ledger.

Add new account..png

Map Ledger with Bank

- To map ledger with bank click on Edit Button.


Configure Rule Book

- To Configure fine rules click on Fine Rules Tab.

Configure Rule Book.png

- To Configure fine rules for Student click on STUDENT.

Student Fine Rules.png

- To configure fine rules for student click on Configure Rule Book.


- To add general rules click on General Rules.

General Rules..png

- To add deposit rules click on Deposit Rules.

Deposit Rules .png

- To add group rules click on Group Rules.


Library Transaction

Issue Return Transaction.png
Mark For Finance

- To mark fine amount for finance click Mark For Finance button.


Academic Fee Invoice

- To check library fine for particular student,click on Student Misc.Tab.

Academic Fee Invoice.png

- To wave off library fine click on Action button.

Wave off fine.png

Accounting » Receipt Entry

Liabrary fees Receipt Entry.png

- To take receipt of library fine click on New Receipt Voucher.

Miscellaneous Fees receipt.png