Stock Allocation

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Stock Admin


Stock Register » Stock Allocation


  • Admin have the provision to check the pending request for asset allocation
  • User can request the for asset from their login
  • After approval of that request from the authority it will appear on the Stock allocation UI for further process.
  • Admin can issue the asset against that request or can reject the same.
  • Admin can check the request details with approval authority name.

Screen Shots / Steps

Stock Allocation

  • To view the stock request details click on view detail button.
  • To reject the request click on Reject Request button.
Stock Allocation.png
  • Select the product name and click on Accept and Allocate stock button.
  • Enter the condition of product and click on Issue button for issuing the asset.
Stock Allocation1.png

Allocated Stock

  • To check the already accepted request click on Allocated Stock radio button.
Allocated Stock 2.png