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Governing body or the Parent body. The top management. There are two possible set-ups. One is University Setup where Main university is the trust. Another set up can be a private educational body such as "Gyandeep Educational Trust"


Under a trust multiple campus located in different cities/locations. For e.g. "Gyandeep Educational Trust" may have campus in Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh and Delhi.


In these campuses there can be multiple Institutes offering education in different domains. Pune Campus of Gyandeep Educational Trust may have an Engineering College, a Dental College and a Primary and Secondary School.

So Gyandeep Educational Trust, Pune Campus has 1. Institute of Engineering and Technology 2. Institute of Dental Sciences 3. Gyandeep International School


In an Institute there can be various Departments which can be functional or non-functional (Program). Institute of Engineering and Technology can have (1) Admission Department (2) Finance Department (3) Library Department (4) BE - Comp (5) BE - Civil (6) MTech - Comp

Out of these the first three are functional Department and the Second three are non-functional departments also known as Programs.


The Programs can be autonomous or affiliated to some University. Here BE - Comp, BE - Civil and MTECH- Comp are affiliated to Savitribai Phule University

University here is a third part regulating admissions, academics and examinations of the affiliated colleges.


Within a University there can be several streams, under which programs are offered. Example of Streams are "Management", "Engineering", "Commerce", "science" etc.

Streams are also called faculty, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Commerce etc.


Qualification is the degree under the stream that is awarded at the end of academic program. Example of Qualifications are "Bachelors of Engineering (Comp Sci)" OR "Masters of Technology (Comp Sci)"


Program is usually similar to qualification but not always. In Engineering colleges, all first year students are allocated to the program "Applied Science" which is a mixed group for teaching basics of Engineering to all specialization. In the second year Applied Science students are distributed to different programs(non-functional departments) like BE - Comp, BE - Civil, BE Mech


Batch is a Lot of students administered to a program from admission year upto expected passing year. For example a four year course of BE - Comp with admission year 2018 and expected passing year 2022 will have the batch 2018-22 The student may however have year - down and pass later, but for identification batch remains the same.


In a four year program there can be 8 semesters/term or 12 semesters/term or only 4 semesters/term depending on whether the term is 6 months or 4 months or 12 months.


In a program BE Comp Batch 2018-22 there can be 3 sections/divisions of 40 students each.


A Division/Section can be further divided into smaller groups of Sub-batch for Practical or Project or Specialization Purposes.