Application Statistic

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Application Statistic

Application statistic gives stage wise summary of applications.

  1. Applicant in process
  2. Confirmed
  3. Refunded


Admission Admin


Admission Admin >> Reports >> Application Statistic

Terminology Used

  • Applicant in process - Applicants who have registered and started filling Application form but form submission/freezing is pending.
  • Confirmed - Applicants who have submitted their form.
  • Refunded- Applicants who have cancelled admission and refund is initiated from system.

Inputs Needed

Filled applications form for Confirmed report

In process application form for in process


Trust wise, Institute wise, Program wise application analysis

Follow up details can be seen

In process applications can be frozen on behalf of appli

Step by Step

Trust level applicant in process report.

Application statistic1.png

Institute wise applicant in process.

Application statistic2.png

Institute wise applicant in process.

Application statistic3.png

Program wise applicant in process

Application statistic4.png

Program wise applicant in process.

Application statistic5.png

Details of program wise applicants in process.

Application statistic6.png
Confirmed trust level applicants
Application statistic7.png

Institute wise confirmed applicants.

Application statistic8.png

Institute wise confirmed applicants

Application statistic9.png

Program wise confirmed applicants

Application statistic10.png

Program wise confirmed applicants

Application statistic11.png

Confirmed applicants

Application statistic12.png