Temporary Transaction

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Temporary Transaction

These are the transactions done for temporary basis. These transactions are conducted mainly when member wants to issue library media for a short duration of time. For instance, if a member wants to read book inside the library and return same before going out, in this case temporary transactions are conducted.


  • Library Admin


  • Issue-Return » Temporary Transaction

Inputs Needed

  • Member Id for issue of library media.
  • Fine amount if fine is being collected while returning media.


  • Transactions like issue and return of media can be conducted for short time period.
  • Transaction history can be extracted in the for of report.
  • While returning media, it can be collected with the fine (if applicable).

Step by Step

1) Issue library media.

  * Select whether member is from "Within Institute" or "External Member".
  * Enter member Id, all member details will be automatically fetched.
  * Enter Accession number of media.
  * Enter other relevant details and click on "Save".
Issue temporary media.png

2) Return library media.

  * Select library name under which the member is registered.
  * Click on "Return" button.
  * Fine can also be collected while returning book(if applicable).
Return Temporary Transaction.png