Fee Amount corresponding to Quota and Category

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Fee Amount Corresponding to Quota & Category

Fee amount can vary quota and category wise. These amounts usually been sanctioned by governing bodies. Or in case of autonomous institutes, institute can have their own decision.

These quota and category will be defined at the time of admission.If not defined by admission admin, finance admin can also add new admission quota & category. While generating invoice finance admin can map respective quota and category to student.

Admission Quota can be - Management, CAP, Linguistic , Physically handicapped etc

Admission Categories can be - Open, SC, ST, OBC etc


Finance Admin

Terminology Used

Quota- Admission type through which student takes admission

Category- Caste category through which student takes admission

Inputs Needed

For adding new quota & category

Admission Type

Value (in %)

Student per Batch

Over & Above


Domicile State

Departmental Promotion Admission Type

While defining fee structure

Quota & Category Wise Fee


Adding new quota (If not added by admission admin)

Defining quota & category wise admission fee

Step by Step

Adding new Quota & category.

Fee Structure4.png

Quota & category wise fee

Quota & Category1.png