Catalogue Details

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Catalogue Details

A library catalog is a detailed list of the inventory of a store. This catalog contains all the data related to the library which include Books detail, Journals / Periodicals / Magazines descriptions, Other available media details, etc.

A library catalogue is simply a database of information about all the products that you have physically in available in the library. The information contained in the catalogue can be sub-divided in a number of ways.


Library Admin


Catalogue » Books/Journals » Catalogue Details

Inputs Needed

  • Library configuration should be defined.
  • Library media should be listed.


  • To search all library media such as books, journals, periodicals, journals and any other digital media available on the Library.
  • To modify accession number details for the available media in the library.
  • To modify the status of the available media in the library. Here status states if the book is currently on shelf, issued, lost, damaged, sent for binding, etc.
  • The system provides the functionality to search the library media using the accession number, accession number range or by the status.
  • This helps the Library admin to understand the current status of the available library media which can be issued to the students.

Step by Step

  1. Catalogue Details
    Catalogue Details.jpg
  2. Edit Accession Details
    Edit Accession No.jpg
  3. Book Status
Change Book Status.png