Infrastructure Incharge Allocation

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Infrastructure » Infrastructure Incharge Allocation


  • Every infrastructure must have in-charge to take care of all allocated stock of that infrastructure.
  • Admin can allocate or view the Infrastructure / Stores In-charge details
  • For all allocated stock, Infrastructure in-charge is responsible. If any dead stock movement needs to be done then infrastructure incharge is required to do that.
  • Admin have the provision that he can allocate room wise in-charge or he can allocate for multiple room at a time.   

Screen Shots / Steps

Infrastructure in-charge allocation

  • Admin have the provision to allocate employee to the infrastructure as In-Charge.
  • To allocate the In-charge select the building and Floor name from the drop down.
Incharge allocation.png
  • To allocate In-charge, Admin can select multiple rooms or for individual room also allocation can be done.
  • For multiple room select checkbox are visible next to the rooms and click on Allocate In-charge button.
  • For individual room admin has to click on action button and select Allocate in-charge option.
  • Admin can search the employee name in searchable textbox and select the name from the list and click on Allocate button.
Allocate Incharge option.png

Allocate Stores In-charge

  • Admin can allocate In-charge for store same as infrastructure In-charge.
  • To allocate the In-charge for store click on Stores radio button It will show you the list of stores are configured then admin can follow the above procedure.
Store Incharge.png