On-Line Test Through Course File

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On-Line Test Through Course File

The On-line Test can be configured through Course File by respective Faculty, against which Faculty subject allocation is done. Students who are allocated to the course can attempt the test from their respective logins. Evaluation of students can be done by Faculty.


  • Faculty
  • Student


Faculty >> Shortcut >> Course file (To Configure and Schedule Test) Student >> Academic Function >> Online Test (To attend Test)

Inputs Needed

  • Question Bank
  • Test Name
  • Test Marks
  • Test Instructions
  • Options for selection
  • Correct answer
  • Question type (Subjective, Objective, etc)
  • Question time
  • Out of marks
  • Explanation
  • Character limit for Subjective questions
  • Shuffle answer- YES/NO
  • Multiple choice- YES/NO
  • Key selection- Random/Common.
  • In case of common key- Password
  • Safe exam browser selection & Hash key for safe browser.
  • IP restriction- 'From' and 'To' range of IPs
  • Schedule for test- Start & End Date, Start & End time.
  • Students selection for association


  • To configure Online test, which would be available at student login for attending same.
  • To evaluate student marks based on the attempted test from student login.
  • To calculate Internal marks based on On-line test (in case when the Evaluation Parameter of On-Line Test/Quiz is created).
  • Further moderation of marks can be done based on the result, which would be reflected in Student Transcript.

Step by Step

1. Configure On-line Test.

Configure online test.png

2. Create Question Bank for Test.

Create Question Bank.png

3. Create Schedule.

Create Test Schedule.png

4. Associate Students to Scheduled On-line Test.

Associate Students.png

4. Attempt the configured test from Student Login.

Student Login Test.png

5. Evaluate Results.

Student Result.png