Recruitment Test Configuration

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Recruitment Test Configuration

Recruitment liaisoning should have created.

Online test functionality allows user to conduct various types of exam(test) online in order to evaluate the understanding and knowledge of user attempting the exam.

  • Test Name- Test name can be given according to choice of user.
  • Paper Pattern - Paper pattern can be either fixed/ auto generated. In case of fixed paper pattern there will be fixed sequence of question to each student.
  • Negative Marking - Negative Marking option can be provided to deduct marks for the wrong attempted answers. Deduction can be in percentage of total marks for that particular question.
  • Server Timing - Server timing can be kept 'Fixed/ Flexible'. In case of fixed server time test will initiate on the fixed time which is configured and will end on fixed mentioned time. In case of flexible time test can be attempted any time in between scheduled period.


Recruitment Admin


Recruitment Admin » Recruitment Test » Recruitment Test Configuration

Inputs Needed

  • Question Bank Upload ( Correct answer, Question type, Question time, Out of marks, Explanation, Character limit )
  • Select Recruitment Process
  • Select Post
  • Test Name
  • Duration
  • Negative Marking- Yes/No
  • Paper Pattern- Regular/Random
  • Show Marks to Applicant- Yes/No. If yes Detailed/Summary
  • Passing Marks
  • Total Marks
  • Set Applicant Quiz Password key


Add/edit/delete questions as per the required question type and difficulty level.

Add Individual Questions or also upload multiple questions via excel.

Test Configuration ( Test Name, duration, marking system and passing marks )

Create Question Set

Evaluate Quiz Marks

Step by Step

Recruitment Test Configuration

Recruitment Test Configuration.png
Question Bank Creation
Question bank.png
List of Test To Be Configured
Test Configuration- Test Detail
Test detail.png
Test Configuration- Difficulty Level
Difficulty level.png
Test Configuration- Topic
Test Configuration- Sub-Topic
Sub topic.png
Test Configuration- Confirmation
Configure Schedule
Config schedule.png
Add New Schedule
Add New Quiz
New quiz.png
Question Sets Available