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Employee Salary Transfer helps to understand the salary paid to any given employee for a particular month. It helps to to generate transfer letters to individuals which also means that the employee can access their salary slips from their logins once the transfer letters are generated.


Finance Admin

Faculty / Staff Admin


Salary » Employee Salary Transfer

Inputs Needed

  • Employee and their account details must be saved.
  • Bank through which the salaries are to be done should be mapped.
  • Salary must be marked as payable for all the employees.


  • Finance admin can view complete details of employee and his / her account details and the net salary paid.
  • Finance Admin can send salary transfer alerts to employees once the transfer letters are generated.
  • Employees can view their salary slips once the transfer letters are generated.
  • When bank account head and bank name is selected for transfer letter generation, system checks selected bank name with employees’ bank.
  • If any employee whose bank mapped is different, then the amount is subtracted from the total cheque amount.

Step by Step

  1. Employee Salary Transfer
Salary Transfer1.jpg

2. Transfer Letter

Transfer Letter.jpg