Placement Cycle Configuration

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Placement admin role must be assigned to the user.


Placement Admin


Placement Admin » Configuration » Placement Cycle Configuration

Terminology Used

  • CPC - Enter Central Placement Cell Name
  • Placement Cycle Type - There are two placement type i.e. Final Placement and Summer Internship Program. You can select one of that.
  • Placement Cycle Name - Enter Name of the Placement cycle which you want to create.

Input Needed

  • CPC
  • Placement Cycle Type
  • Placement Cycle Name
  • Day Zero Date
  • From And To Date


  • Able to create a placement cycle.
  • Able to activate or deactivate placement cycle.
  • Able to edit or delete the placement cycle.
  • Able to view the placement cycle.

Step by step

  • Placement Cycle Configuration
Placement Cycle Configuration.png
  • Activate, Deactivate or Delete Placement Cycle
Activate Placement Cycle Configuration.png
  • Edit Placement Cycle
Edit placement Cycle Configuration.png