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Placement Admin


Institutes » Students Lists

Terminologies Used

Create New Configuration

  • Department Name :- Enter the name of your department.
  • Batch :- Select the particular batch.
  • Show students:- Click on button will show all the list of students.
  • Search :- Particular student details can be fetched.

Inputs Needed

  • Department Name
  • Batch
  • Search


  • Select the department
  • select the particular batch.
  • Click on " show student" button to view all student list
  • After generating a list , we can view student profile , send messages and can change the username as well.
  • After clicking on " view profile", Student approval form will be generated in which we can see all student details.
  • If we want the particular student detail , click on " Search" button.
  • On view Profile we can send message, approve, disapprove or debar student.
  • By clicking on view button we can see the list of approve, disapprove or debar student list.

Step by step

Student Lists

Students Lists.png
View Profile
Student Approval.png
Send Message
View Approve / Disapprove / Debar Students
View Approval.png