Defining Groups and Subgroups and Ledgers

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Defining Groups, Subgroups and Ledgers

  • Able to create groups, subgroups and ledgers
  • Able to associate departments and cost centers to created groups.
  • Groups can be made finance policy wise or individual department wise, as per the requirement.
  • If attach employee salary is CHECKED, the salary budget amount is calculated on the basis of the current salary books and appears in the budget.
  • Any cost center which is not a separate department like “MDP” etc. can be declared as a cost center.
  • Research projects can also be added as cost center.
  • Any income received in the form of funding to research project will also be associated.


  • Institute finance policy should be created.
  • Financial year should be created.


Finance Admin


Budget » Budget


  • Adding groups and subgroups
  • Groups and subgroups can be associate with the departments
  • Ledgers can be associated with the groups and subgroups
  • Once department associated with the group, it is highlighted with Red Color remove button

Step by Step

Add new group details

Group Association.png
Group Association1.png
Group Association4.png
Group Association5.png
Group Association7.png