Student OD Capping Report

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Student OD Capping report

Student OD Capping report displays the total attendance given to student against an activity. The details of actual attendance, granted attendance shall be visible to academic admin.


Academic Admin


Analysis >> Attendance >> Student OD Capping Report

Inputs Needed

  • Program Name
  • Academic Batch
  • Term Name


OD Capping Report

  • Once an student leave is approved the reflection of same are in total attendance of student.
  • Capping report gives an display of all the course wise attendance for students.
  • The actual attendance and the granted attendance is displayed.
  • Admin can than freeze the student attendance for complete term and courses.

Step by Step

  • OD Capping Report
Student OD Capping Report2.png

  • Freeze Attendance
Student OD Capping Report1.png