Evaluation Sheet

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Evaluation Sheet


Faculty Role


Faculty Role » Academics » Evaluation Sheet

Input Needed


Courses / Programs

Roll Number

Seat Number

Student Name

Out of Marks

Actual marks


- User can view Subject information like Course Name,Internal Marks,External Marks,No. of Lecture Conducted,Average Attendance.

- User can add new evaluation parameter.

- User can enter student internal marks and sent for approval.

- User can generate PDF report for all evaluation sheet.

- User can generate excel report for all evaluation sheet.

Screen Shots / Steps

Evaluation Sheet

Evaluation Sheet.png

Add New Evaluation Parameter

- To add new evaluation parameter click on Action button.

Evaluation Parameter addition .png

Marks Entry

Internal Marks Entry.png

Put Marks for Approval

- To sent marks for approval click on Put Marks for Approval button.

Put Marks for Approval.png