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Research Project(Faculty)

Many university faculty members involve in Research as part of their work responsibilities depends largely on the mission of the employing institution.ERP provides a provision to record all the information and process related with the Faculty Research Project which includes submitting the project details,approval of project from the competent authority,adding information about the members,purchases, recruiting members for projects and payment.

Faculty can add Project details of Academic Research Project, Simulation Research Project,Sponsored Research Project,Consultancy Project,Literature Survey Projects.


  • Faculty


Faculty » Research » Research Project


  • Faculty Role to User
  • Approval Authority must be configured from Research Admin login required for approval


  • Sponsored Project : A Sponsored project is defined as an activity that is sponsored or funded by an external organization(such as a federal,state or private organization).
  • Consultancy project : A Consultancy Project is one where faculty and research staff provide knowledge and intellectual inputs to industry or other organizations(within India and abroad),primarily for their purposes.

Input Needed

  • Project Details
  • Project Schedule Dates
  • Project Status
  • Budget
  • Sanctioning Details
  • Funding Agency
  • Project Member


  1. Able to add Academic project/Simulation project/Sponsored Project/Consultancy project/literature survey project
  2. Able to edit/delete project
  3. Able to add/associate project employee
  4. Able to view/add project funding
  5. Able to add/edit project plan
  6. Able to view project budget estimation summary
  7. Able to view/upload project document
  8. Able to view project approval status

Step by step

1.Add Project Details
Research Project 12-07.png
Research Project 12-07 1.png
2.Edit/Delete Project
Research Project 12-07-90.png
3.Add/Associate Project Employee
Research Project 12-07-11.png
Research Project 12-07-111.png
4.View/Add Project Funding
Research Project 12-07-112.png
Research Project12-07-1111.png
Research Project12-07-11111.png
5.Add/Edit Project Plan
Research Project12-010101.png
Research Project1111111.png
Research Project1111111121.png

6.Upload Project Proposal Document

Research Project121mn.png
Research Projectmlkmk.png

7.Upload Project Sanctioning Letter

Research Project121mn.png
Research Projectnasma.png

8.Project Approval Status

Research Project121mn.png