Attendance as Evaluation Parameter

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Attendance Evaluation

Attendance is usually considered as one of the important parameter in internal evaluation. Attendance evaluation takes place based on predefined range and weight-age given to attendance parameter for internal evaluation.


  1. Faculty
  2. Academic Admin


For creating evaluation parameter

Academic Admin >> Planning >> Evaluation Parameter Configuration.

For entering attendance range and attendance pouring.

Faculty >> Course File >> Attendance Parameter>> Attendance Marking System.

Inputs Needed/Prerequisites

  1. Attendance as a evaluation parameter must be created
  2. Weight-age to created parameter must be assigned. (For example if internal marks for particular subject is 20, attendance weight-age can be 20. So that 4 marks will be allotted to attendance out of 20)
  3. Grading schema (Range) must be entered by by faculty.
  4. Marks must be frozen by faculty for the final evaluation.