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Question Bank

Question bank can be uploaded via excel (Bulk upload) or from UI (One question at a time). Questions can be uploaded . Questions can be uploaded topic/sub-topic wise and level wise.

Levels can be Easy/Medium/Hard

  • Question Type- Question type can be either Subjective/ Objective/Program
  • Questions- Questions will be either in word or number format or there can be questions where mathematical formulas can be used (Using Latex tool). Images can also be uploaded for the reference.
  • Options- Options can be given up-to 8 (Out of which option 1 & 2 will be mandatory)
  • Correct Answer - Correct answer can be chosen from the options provided. There can be single correct answer or multiple correct answer. If there are multiple correct answers marks will be divided accordingly. For example- If for a question of 2 marks has correct answers as 'Option 1' and 'Option 2' and if student selects answer as 'Option 1' will get only 1 marks out of 2, as 'Option 2' was not selected.
  • Shuffle Option - Shuffle option is provided to shuffle the options for the users to avoid copy cases. For example- By using this option 'Option 1' for one student can be 'Option 4' for another student.
  • Out of Marks - Under this option marks for each question can be given.
  • Time In Sec - This option is used in case of question wise time to be provided.
  • Explanation - Apart from the question, explanation can be added which can be instructions to solve particular question or references can be given.
  • Image Upload - Reference image can be uploaded to solve the question.


Admission Admin


Admission Admin >> Online Test >> Question Bank

Inputs Needed



Correct answer

Question type

Question time

Out of marks


Character limit


Question bank upload via excel

Question upload via UI

Level wise question upload

Category & topic wise question upload

Step By Step

Add Category & Topic to upload questions under required difficulty level.

Admission test1.png


Admission test2.png


Admission test3.png
Add Question

Questions can be uploaded via excel or can be added one by one from UI.

Admission test4.png

Excel Format

Admission test5.png
Admission test6.png

Question Upload via UI

Admission test7.png
Admission test8.png
Admission test9.png
Uploaded Questions
Admission test10.png