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Academic admin


Organization » Students Management » Student Registration » Register Student


  • Freshers are students who have just started their first year at university or college.
  • They are not allocated to any section or Either able to enroll students as fresher or directly added to sections.
  • Multiple operations to manage student status Can assign/un-assign roll number, change username, reset password, Allocate section and change department.
  • Admin have the provision to upload the student as fresher.

Step by Step

Select the information from Drop down

Register Student.png

Click on get Only Fresher Student Button you will get all students details.

Fresher student1.png

To allocate with section Select Student from List.

Allocate Section.png

Click on allocate section option

Allocation Section.png

Add Student - Click on Options button and select Add Student. You can upload the students in bulk. Once it is uploaded students login will be created.

Download student upload template and can be uploaded.

Student add.png

To Edit Student Details click edit icon.

Edit Student Details.png

For changing User Name click on User Name Tab

Change Username.png

Reset Password

Reset Password1.png