Applicant Employee Profile Report

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Guideline Configuration

Recruitment liaisoning, Recruitment Process should have created. Employee Profile must already be filled.

Applicant Employee Profile Report Configuration

  • Recruitment Process - select the recruitment process name from the drop down.
  • Application for - Select for which application we want to generate report.
  • Post - Select the post for which we want to generate report.


Recruitment Admin


Recruitment Admin » Reports » Applicant Employee Profile Report

Inputs Needed

  • Personal Details
  • Family Details
  • Medical details
  • Qualification
  • Skill Upgradation
  • Subject Taught
  • Work Experience
  • Reference
  • Impact Factor Anaylsis
  • Patents
  • Awards and Honors
  • Salary Structure
  • Testimonials Persons
  • Vision / Mission / Efforts
  • Research Work Features
  • Future Plans
  • Research Projects
  • Other Examinations
  • Current / Guided Students
  • Research Publications
  • Fellowship
  • Payment Details
  • Conference / Seminar / Conclave
  • Contribution to Science and Engineering
  • SSC and HSC Details
  • Collaboration
  • Additional Qualification


  • Applicant employee profile report can be generated such as personal details, family details, qualification details, salary details etc.
  • Generated report can be exported into the Excel or PDF format.
  • We can get the applicant employee profile report for scrutiny.
  • It allow us to export all the employee filed or selected filed of employee profile into the Excel or PDF.
  • It allow us to download all employee PDF and also we can download all employee document in PDF.

Step by Step

Applicant Employee Profile Report Page
Applicant Employee Profile Report.png
Export Applicant Employee Profile Report Page
Export Report.png