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Placement Admin


Placement Admin » Institutes » Institute Profiles


Placement role is required for any level (Trust,Institute,Department)

Terminologies Used

Create New Configuration

  • Society Name :- Add Society name .
  • Campus Name :- Add Campus name.
  • Offices List:-List of offices present in that particular campus.

Inputs Needed

  • Society name
  • Campus name.
  • Offices List.


  1. Able to view the Institute Profile i.e. Institute information.
  2. Able to view the society and campus of that institute.
  3. Information gathering of all the offices present in that institute and their location as well i.e all the details of offices.
  4. After selecting the offices you can find all the details of that particular office.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps

  • Institute Profile Details
Placement ins Profile.jpg