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Any educational institution be it a College or University is always proud of its Legacy student (Alumni). Your Alumni members are your best brand ambassadors.

JUNO Campus ERP with its Register Student Option will help you to keep an interactive and updated relationship with your Alumni (legacy Students). This will help you to provide a platform to your alumni members to let you know where they are and what they are doing. This will help the Alumni members to organize meet-ups or organize other activities like fund raisers etc. Your TPO department can take great help from your Alumni too and also your students can take suggestions and guidance from them too.


Academic Administrator


Organization » Students Management » Student Registration » Upload Student Profile


Programme Name

Legacy Student Data


Adding Legacy student or Alumni

Step by Step

To Upload Students Go to above mentioned path you will see the below screen UI to upload student. It may be fresher student or legacy student.

To Upload Students.png

Download Template Click on Upload student profile Button from above screenshot you will get the below popup window

Legacy Student Template.png

After Template Upload data will appear like below

Uploaded data.png

Go to Discrepancy in profile data


To see The Discrepancy select profile tab form given Drop down

Discrepancy list.png

Go to Action Button

Discrepancy removal.png

Click on Edit Option

Discrepancy data.png

If you want to add university in master

University master.png

If you want to add degree/Stream in master

Degree master.png

Select data to Convert to student

Convert student.png