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Library Purchase » Print and Post RFQ

Terminology Used

Mark as Completed - Maintaining completion of all activities.

Post to Vendor - Use for post to Vendor.

Add Service Rules - Add rules to your security group for specific kinds of access.

Print RFQ - For printing hard copy pdf of RFQ.

Input Needed



Add Service Rules

Posted Date



- User can add salutation and context for the RFQ if they want otherwise it is predefined.

- User can add service rules for the RFQ.

- User can add remark and posted date before post the RFQ for the vendor.

- User can take print out for the RFQ.

Screen Shots / Steps

Print and Post RFQ

Print and Post RFQ.png

- To view the RFQ details click on Link.

Request for Quote (RFQ).png

Post to Vendor

- To post the RFQ to vendor click on Post Vendor button.

Mark as Posted.png

Print RFQ

- To print RFQ click on Print RFQ button.

Mark As Completed

- Complete the action for the RFQ click on Mark As Completed button.

Completed RFQ.png