Terminology Used in Research

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Terminology Used in Research

API (Academic Performance Indicator)

Based on submitted research paper, journal, publication etc faculty can get the API score. This API score can be calculation is defined by UGC.

Faculty Development Assistance (FDA)

PI score can be converted in Amount. This amount further can be used by faculty for the future publications or for attending any conferences etc.

Process Rules

These are the Rules according to which the credits of approved Publications and other Contributions are given to the Faculties. These rules either can be followed as per UGC or institute can define their own policies.

Publication Category

It is the Category of Publication against which various Publications can be defined. For e.g., Paper in Peer Reviewed Journal, Book Published, etc.

Classification List

The Classification List is a classified category list, created to identify a Research Paper/Publication/Contribution in a summarized way.