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Test Configuration

Online test configuration is creation of basic structure for test according to needs of user. Test configuration can have below configurable parameters.

Test Configuration

  • Test Name- Test name can be given according to choice of user.
  • Paper Pattern - Paper pattern can be either Regular/ Random generated. In case of regular paper pattern there will be fixed sequence of question to each student.
  • Negative Marking for skipped question - Negative Marking option can be provided to deduct marks for the not attempted questions & wrongly attempted answers. Deduction can be in percentage of total marks for that particular question.
  • Time Setting - Time can be either overall or question wise (which we can specify while uploading questions).
  • Duration - Overall duration of the test can be specified.
  • Marks Setting- There can be either overall passing or section wise cut off can be defined.
  • Passing Marks - Overall passing marks can be given.
  • Show marks to student - From this option we can set way of displaying marks detailed/summary. Or we can hide display of result at student end.


Admission Admin


Admission Admin >> Online Test >> Test Configuration

Inputs Needed

Test Name


Negative Marking- Yes/No

Marks Setting- Overall Passing/Sectional Cut Off

Paper Pattern- Regular/Random

Show Marks to Student- Yes/No. If yes Detailed/Summary

Passing Marks

Total Marks



Test Configuration

Question Paper Creation

Step by Step

Added test at the time of admission configuration will automatically appear here for configuration

Pr-requisite from admission configuration

Entrance Exam Configuration

Entrance Exam3.png

Schedule formation from admission configuration. Linking of created test with Entrance Exam Schedule.

Admission test11.png

Created online test will automatically appear for configuration

Admission test12.png

Configuration of test

Admission test13.png

Level Selection- Choose level in which questions are uploaded.

Admission test14.png

Section Selection-Choose sections from which questions are to be selected. There can be single section or can be multiple.

Admission test15.png

Topic Selection- Topics under selected sections will appear here. Choose topics from which questions are to be selected. There can be single or multiple topics.

Admission test16.png
Schema formation- Required number of questions can be selected from available quantity of questions. Questions can be selected objective/subjective or program wise.
Admission test17.png
Final Confirmation- Selected number of questions and required test marks will be verified at this stage.
Admission test18.png