Faculty Topic Allocation

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Faculty Topic Allocation

Faculty topic allocation option is used to allocated faculty with topic for particular session. Session related activities like Lecture adjustment, Lecture cancellation, Attendance marking, etc can be carried out.


Academic Admin


Academic Admin >> Schedule >> Subject Allocation >> Faculty Topic Allocation

Inputs Needed

  • Program Name
  • Program
  • Term Name
  • Batch Name


Faculty Topic Allocation

  • Faculty topic allocation for session can be done.
  • After conduction of lecture attendance for session can be marked.
  • Allocation logs for faculty allocation is maintained.
  • Session conduction status and other details would be visible.

Import Employee

  • Employee from different department can be fetched or imported.
  • Only teaching faculty can be imported to allocated session.

Lecture Adjustment

  • Allows to adjustment or swap session with other faculty.
  • Guest session too can be adjusted with regular session.

Step by Step

  • Faculty Topic Allocation
Faculty Topic Allocation1.png

  • Allocate Faculty to Session
Faculty Topic Allocation2.png

  • Mark/View Attendance
Screenshot 2020-05-23 Faculty Topic Allocation.png

  • Allocation Logs
Faculty Topic Allocation5.png

  • Import Employee
Faculty Topic Allocation11.png

  • Lecture Adjustment
Faculty Topic Allocation6.png

  • Lecture Adjustment
Faculty Topic Allocation7.png

  • Cancel Lecture
Faculty Topic Allocation10.png