Hostel Complaint Types

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Hostel Complaint Types

Students residing in hostel may come across any maintenance issue. Hostel admin can create various complaint category so that the students can raise complaints based on predefined category. Various complaints types for hostel maintenance could be Civil Work, Plumbing Work, Electrical Work, etc. Complaint type defined by hostel admin shall be visible at student end to select and specify complaint details.


Hostel Admin


Hostel Admin >> Configuration >> Hostel Complaint Types

Inputs Needed

  • Complaint Name


1) Add Complaint Type

  • Complaint type can be added based on category.
  • Complaint type can be modified and edited later.

2) Modify or Delete Complaint Type

  • User can modify or rename the existing created complaint type by clicking on edit icon.
  • Once created complaint type can also be deleted.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • Adding Complaint Type

  • Complaint Type Listing

  • Edit/Modify Complaint Type

  • Delete Complaint Type