First Time Password

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First Time Password

As the name suggests, First Time Password is a random alpha-numeric password which the system generates randomly. This password is required for the user to login into the system for the first time. For some individuals such as employees, students, etc. we upload them through the system or using excel sheet upload feature. While apart from students and employees, other users such as Applicant Employees and other vendors have to register themselves using dedicated registration pages.

Once the registration forms are filled or for those employees / faculty members or students who have been uploaded using excel, the system generates a random alpha numeric First Time Password which is sent to the email address used at the time of registration.

The user needs to use this password to login into the system for the first time and will be forced to change the password once the first time password has been verified.

Step by Step

  1. Registration Forms
    Registration Forms.jpg
  2. Applicant Student Registration Form
    Applicant Student Registration.jpg
  3. Vendor Registration Form
    Vendor RegistrationForm.jpg