Students Leave Approval

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Student Leave Approval

After student has submitted leave application the alert for approval shall be sent to authority, based on details further necessary action from authority can be taken.


Faculty Login


Faculty Login>> Alert >> Approve Disapprove Leave

Inputs Needed

  • Student Leave Details


Leave Approve/Disapprove

  • An job tray alert is sent to authority when a student submits leave application.
  • Action on alert can be made by clicking on check option.
  • Authority can either approve or reject the leave, based on same the leave details shall automatically move to respective tabs of Approve Leave and Disapprove Leave.

Mark Attendance

  • In case a leave is approved the option to mark attendance shall be visible to respective faculty.
  • Faculty can either mark student present for all the missed sessions or mark partial attendance.

View Leave Document, Leave History, Evaluation

  • Faculty can view all the details while approving leave.
  • Relevant document for leave can be viewed before approving.
  • Previous leave details and evaluation details can also be viewed.

Step by Step

  • Job Alert
Students Leave Approval1.png

  • Pending Leave
Students Leave Approval2.png

  • Mark Attendance
Students Leave Approval4.png

  • View Document
Students Leave Approval6.png

  • Leave History

  • Evaluation
Students Leave Approval8.png