Defining Research Project Configuration

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Defining Research Project

Many universities and colleges require a Masters or Ph.d dissertation or thesis as part of their Academic to award degree.Research Project have some stages which includes Topic Registration, Colloquium, Synopsis,Thesis,Open defense and Final Thesis.In each stage of Research Project it require certain approvals of competent authorities.

To define all these stages and configuration Research Projects Subject needs to be added in Particular Course and Syllabus Pattern from Exam Admin login as shown below.


  • Exam Admin Role


Research Project Subject Configuration

Exam Admin » Configuration » University Configuration » Syllabus and Subject


  • Trust level Exam admin role should be given
  • Qualification must be added

Input Needed

Research Project Subject Configuration

  • Course Name (e.g Viva Voce or Thesis Submission)
  • Course Credit
  • Total and Passing Marks (If applicable)
  • Exam Conduction Type


Research Project Subject Configuration

  1. Able to add/edit/delete Research Project Subject
  2. Able to replicate the Subject to academic

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps to define Research Project

1) Add Subject using Add button from Syllabus and Subject menu
Add subject1.png
2) User can define Research Project Subject configuration with marks and without marks as per the Course Specification.You can check configuration in given in screen shot.
Research Project 1.png
Research Project 3.png
3) Once Subject configuration is done, it should be replicated to Academic to do configuration of Research Project Configuration, Student Allocation, Creating Evaluation Parameter and other configuration.You can replicate the subject to Academic Admin by using option 'Replicate to Academic' in Course Mapping tab.
Replicate to Academic.png
4) Replicate course to department enables mapping these courses created under exam to particular department for further academic process.