Audit Course

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Audit Course

Audit courses are similar to elective course as those are non-mandatory course and the student will have an option to select course but differs with respect to marking, grading pattern. Audit course does not carry any teaching credit its usually a zero credit course which shall have grading only as satisfactory or unsatisfactory.


Academic Admin, Exam Admin


Academic Admin >> Organization >> Syllabus Configuration >> Syllabus


Exam Admin >> Configuration >> University Configuration >> Syllabus and Course

Inputs Needed

  • University Name
  • Stream Name
  • Qualification Name
  • Syllabus Pattern Year
  • Semester Name


Add Audit Course

  • To add audit course user must select course category as audit,vocational.
  • Audit courses are zero teaching credit course thus grade points achieved also remains zero.
  • Grades are usually satisfactory or unsatisfactory.
  • Student usually gets an option to select audit course similar to elective courses.

Edit Or Block Audit Course

  • Course details can be edited once its added.
  • In case a course is no longer required user can opt to block that course.
  • Blocked courses shall not be visible for academic purpose.

Replicate Course

  • Irrespective of course type this functionality works.
  • Course can be replicated to academics which enables course for teaching learning purpose.
  • Replication of course to different department.
  • Replication of course to timetable.

Step by Step

  • Syllabus
Audit Course1.png

  • Audit Course
Audit Course2.png

  • Audit Grade Pattern
Audit Course3.png