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Employee Login Credentials Creation

  • Advisable to use Genuine email-ID for login credentials because
  • Email ID’s are globally unique
  • Easy to remember
  • System can communicate on that email ID with the student

Suggested to use email-ID which are person specific and not post specific like [[1]]   This is for the reason that against each email ID a persons records are stored. Like his service book records, leave records and all the workflows that he has used. Now if the person with login credentials based on [[2]] resigns and is replaced by another person, who is using the same login credentials, separate records cannot be maintained for two different users with same login credentials.


Unique ID for Employee should be as per the ORGANIZATION POLICY.

However special care should be taken that after the employee leaves the organization the same ID should not be relocated to anyone else.

For creation of Employee Login – Service Book entry is a must.

  • Salary and Leave are connected to Service Book of an Employee
  • Appraisal is also dependent on Service Book of an Employee
  • After the appraisal cycle the action cascades in the service book. It can be one of the following
    • Continuation of services with regular increment
    • Continuation of services with additional increments
    • Continuation of services without any increments
    • Dis-continuation of services.
    • Promotion
    • Demotion
  • Resignation of services is also reflected in the service book of the employee
  • In addition to Salary Calculation, calculation of LTA, Gratuity, PF and all Leave related encashment also depends on service book.
  • No Dues Calculation and relieving letter also dependent on Service Book