Registered Applicant Employee

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Guideline Configuration

University post configuration is done.

If there is a fee for registration of recruitment for the applicant, the finance association should be done and the ledger should also be created.

Application form should already be filled by the applicant.


Recruitment Admin


Recruitment Admin » Report » Register Applicant Employee

Inputs Needed

  • Recruitment Liaison
  • Recruitment Process
  • Application for Post


  • Able check the overall or post wise pending and approved registered employee details.
  • Able to approve the registered applicant employee.
  • Able to view and update payment details of the applicant.
  • The applicant employee details can be exported to the excel.
  • We can print the applicant application form.
  • We can get the count of how many applicant paid the fees, overall fee paid etc.


Registered Applicant employee

Registered Applicant Employee.png
Overall Pending Applicant

View Update Payment Details

Payment update.png
Overall Approved Applicant