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A Synopsis is a short, systematic outline of your proposed Thesis. It serves to ensure that your supervisor gets a clear picture of your proposed project and allows him or her to spot whether there are gaps or things that you have not taken into account.

  • The Candidate desiring to submit a thesis for the Master or Ph.D. degree shall submit synopsis of the thesis in the prescribed format before submission of the thesis.
  • The allocation of the Guide who will Guide registered candidate in his Research work can be decided by the Department in a formal manner or on the basis of Merit list,student choice and priority (If applicable).
  • The candidate shall submit the exact Title of the Thesis at the time of submission of the synopsis and the title must be in consonance with the approved topic. If there is any discrepancy in the title submitted,the respective authority may recommend re-submission of the synopsis.

Synopsis Flow includes Configuration of Synopsis Component,Student Synopsis Submission or re-submission,Inviting Referee, Approval of Competent Authority and Evaluation of Synopsis by Internal and External Examiner.


  • Guide : Guide shall mean a member of the academic staff of the University/Constituent Unit, who guide/supervise the research work of the candidate.
  • HOD : Head of the Department
  • Chair Person : Chair person is HOD or Senior faculty who examine candidate open defense.
  • Dean : The head of a university faculty or department.
  • Referee : A referee is someone who has been given the responsibility of evaluating the suitability of thesis and the candidate for the award of PG and Ph.d.
  • Convocation Year : Convocation means a large, formal meeting, esp. for the ceremony at a university at the end of a course of study.We can define period to identify candidate who have registered or accomplished their Thesis & Thesis in defined Convocation Year.