Arrears Calculation

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Arrear Calculation

Arrear Calculation is where one can calculate the increment or decrement of an individual employee. Depending upon the configuration done for the individual employee the system automatically calculates the amounts for the arrears.


Finance Admin


Salary » Employee Arrear Calculation

Inputs Needed

  • Appropriate salary parameters should be mapped for the employees.
  • Salary for the month in which the arrear is to be paid should be un-published.
  • Employee Bank details should be updated through Employee Details. (For Eg: Bank A/c No., Name of the bank, branch, IFSC Code, etc, which is to be updated through Employee Details.


Arrear Calculation can be calculated for various purposes, such as:

  • To view the arrear calculation for increment / decrement of the employee.
  • To re-calculate the amount of the arrear.
  • To pay the arrear amount for the selected month and generate transfer letters.
  • To freeze the arrear amount which needs to be paid to the employee.

If in case there is no increment / decrement in employees salary then, there will be no difference in the actual amount paid in the arrear details and the amount paid for the month.

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