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Generate Requisition

The configuration given for creating the RFQ (Request for Quotations) which admin will share with the specialized vendors and against that vendors will submit the quotations.


  • Institute renewal policy should be defined
  • PSI(Purchase, Stock and Inventory) policy should be created
  • Purchase requisitions should be created


Purchase Admin


Requisitions » Generate Requisition


  • View list of approved purchase request raised by department employees.
  • View purchase requisition history.
  • View rate list requisition.
  • Need to configure product/service for every raised request from the list of product names.
  • Functionality for selecting multiple requisitions for same base product type to prepare RFQ.
  • While preparing RFQ system by default provides list of product wise vendors.
  • System allows adding of new terms and conditions while preparing RFQ.

Step by Step

Generate requisition

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Purchase requisition history