Insurance Master Configuration

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Transport Admin


Fleet Management » Fleet Configuration » Insurance Masters

Input Needed

  • Route Details
  • Stops Details with Fare
  • Route Timing
  • Stop Timing


  • You can able to check the all configured routes and have the provision to edit or delete the same
  • Admin have the provision add new Route in the system
  • Admin can create multiple stops in between the route
  • Admin can able to configure the fare for each stop in the system.
  • You have the provision to add timing for routes and stops as well.

Screen Shots / Steps

Insurance Master

  • Admin can see already configured insurance details which are available in the system and able to edit or delete the same.
  • All these details can be mapped with vehicle.
Insurance Details.png
  • To add new insurance details click on Add button and enter all the insurance details ans click on save button.
Insurance details1.png
  • Once admin added the insurance details. Admin have the provision to add agent details as well.
  • To add the agent details click on the + button of the insurance details and you will able to see existing agent details.
Agent Details.png
  • To add new agent click on Add button and enter the agent details and click on save button.
  • You have the provision to mark the agent is active or not.
Add Agenet.png