Book Bank Member Account

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Book Bank Member Account

When the members are registered in Book bank, user can perform various operations on member accounts like extending membership date, unauthenticate member etc.


  • Library Admin


  • Book Bank » Book Bank Member Account

Inputs Needed

  • Membership end date, in case of extension of membership.
  • New Member Card Id, in case of membership card Id change.


  • View member details.
  • Edit/Extend Membership End date.
  • Unauthenticate a member from library.
  • Print Membership Card, which can be either free or paid.
  • Change Member Card Id/Barcode.

Step by Step

1) View Member details.

 * To view member details, select member then click on "Action" button in front of member and select "View Member Details" option.
Book bank member card details.png

2) Change member card Id/Barcode.

Change Book bank Id.png

3) Print Membership Card.

  * If member card printing is free, then user can directly download the member card.
Free book bank member card print.png
 * If member card printing is paid, fill the related details of payment.
Paid book bank Id.png

4) Unauthenticate member from library.

Unauthenticate book bank member.png

5) Edit/Extend Membership Date.

Extend book bank membership.png