Event Design

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Event Design

Event admin can design event itinerary using event design option. Various session during the tenure of event can be conducted.


  • Event Admin


Event Admin >> Events >> Event Scheduling >> Click on Event >> Event Design

Inputs Needed

  • Select Event


Event Design

  • Option to Add event itinerary.
  • Allow an user to define itinerary activity, specify participant, infrastructure, mark registration, mark attendance, etc.
  • Designing to event can be done by creating multiple set of activities or session or lectures.
  • Option to edit or delete event itinerary.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • Add Itinerary
Event Design1.png

  • Option to mark attendance, add student, mark student registration,etc.
Event Design2.png

  • Add Resource option
Event Design3.png

  • List of session for activities for event
Event Design6.png