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Library authority collects new books or other materials from various sources for a library. When these materials arrive at the hand of the librarian then he keeps a permanent record of those materials in a Library Master. This Library Master has some specific fields, such as accession number, date of arrival, author, call number, supplier name, supplier address, publisher name, place of publisher, price of the book, etc. and this information may vary from library to library.


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Terminology Used

  • Authors - Author is a person who writes the book / article or a document.
  • Legacy Transaction - Collection of books and other materials collected by the Library which was initially maintained in some other for which need to be updated in the system.
  • Publications - Preparation and issuing of a book, journal, or any other material for public sale.
  • Languages - Languages in which a particular book, article or a document in which the books / articles or documents in the library are available.
  • Classifications - Process of systematic arrangement in groups or categories according to established criteria.

Inputs Needed

  • Library configuration must be done.
  • Library media should be configured.


  • To update the new books into the system. However updating the book details into the system is an easy task, it is equally important that all the details of a particular book such as Author, Publication, Languages in which the books are available, etc needs to be updated.
  • This can be easily done through the system. After the books and other materials are been updated in the system, each book is required to be identified with a unique number which can be done through the accession register.
  • The system allows to download template and fill in the required data. This data upon uploading will add the books and other materials and will automatically identify them with unique number.
  • Just by entering this unique number, the system will display all the details for that particular book or any other material.

Step by Step

  1. Authors
  2. Legacy Transactions
    Legacy Transactions.jpg
  3. Publications
  4. Languages
  5. Classifications
  6. Subjects
  7. Import Accession Register