Admission Document Configuration

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Admission Document Configuration

In this section documents required for admission from the students can be configured. Documents can be mapped to particular category & quota. For Caste Certificate is not required for the 'Open' category. So this document can be mapped with required categories.


Admission Admin


Admission Admin >> Admission configuration >> Admission Configuration >> Admission Quota Configuration >> Document required

Terminology Used

Condition on board/ university - Mapping of document with particular university/board.

Inputs Needed

Document Name

Document mandatory check

Condition on board

Condition on university


Adding new Document

Mapping of document with university or board.

Replication of document from one program to other.

Category & quota wise document mapping.

Step by Step

Adding new document

Document Configuration.png

Mapping of document with category & quota.

Click on + sign to map document with Category & quota.

Click on 'Replicate' button to replicate document to multiple programs.

Document Configuration2.png

Document Mapping

Document Configuration3.png

Replication of document

Document Configuration4.png