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Purchase Admin


Quotation » Add Quotation


  • If quotation is submitted by vendor’s login. Purchase admin is able to open the quotes with OTP send to various authorities who are responsible in quotation opening procedure.
  • Quotation could not be opened till the validity date exceeds set by purchase admin at the time of posting RFQ to various vendors.
  • If the no. of quotations received count is less than expectations, purchase admin can send it for permission of re-quotation to requestor.
  • Once OTP received by the members & quotations unlocked with the help of OTP, purchase admin able to send quotes for analysis to the authority from where request raised for purchase. 

Step by Step

  • On add quotation UI, You can able to see all generated RFQ and able to see their quotation which is submitted by vendor.
  • As admin you can also able to submit the quotation.
Quotation .png
  • To view requisition click on view requisition button
View requisition.png
  • Click on Proceed to view quotations button for authority selection and OTP generation
  • You can able to see the number of quotation received against that requisition.
Quotation otp generation.png
  • For selected authority will get the OTP and using that OTP you can able to view the quotation.
OTP 111.png
  • Once the OTP is verified you can able to view the quotation and able to mark it for analysis process.
View Quotation.png
  • Once it is marked for comparative analysis you can view the authority name and its status.
Quotation Analysis1.png