Admission Test

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Admission Test

Admission test can be one of the criteria for merit list generation. Admission test can be conducted by Institute by their own. In such case institute can create their own question bank and schedule. Applicants who have filled application form can be associated with the test. For associating applicant to the test, his/her form should be in approved list.

Entrance exam

While creating exam admin have to confirm whether exam is being conducted by Institute or by third party. In case of third party taking exam, received marks will be updated by applicant by their own.

Question Bank

Question bank can be uploaded via excel or question can be uploaded from UI one by one. Questions can be in any format text, alphanumeric, latex equation, images videos etc. Uploaded questions either can be single answer or multi-choice questions.

Test Configuration

Configuration of test includes configuring test parameters according to requirement example- Test marks, paper pattern- random/sequential, number of sets etc.

Student association

Required applicants can be associated with test. Fixed password or random password can be given to applicants to start with the test.

Test Evaluation

Based on received marks applicants merit list can be generated, further call for admission can be given to those applicants who are in merit list.