Muster Freezing

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Muster Freezing

Muster Freezing is considered as the first step of salary calculation if the muster is integrated with the salary. Muster freezing in simple words means that locking the muster for all employees for a specified month. However in this section we will learn the importance and the functionality of muster Freezing.


Leave Admin


Reports » Muster Reports » Monthly Muster Report

Input Needed

  1. Check if no unnecessary leaves are deducted from the employees account.
  2. Check if leaves from employees are pending for approval for any employee.
  3. If short attendance is calculated for an employee due to which leave is been deducted, then verification of the same must be done, so that unnecessary leaves are deducted from the employees leave account.
  4. Muster Policy should be configured.

Terminology Used

  1. Muster - Muster can be defined as a register to record employee attendance.
  2. Freezing - Freezing can be considered in the muster report where no further changes in any employees muster can be done post freezing.


Working Days Calculation

  • After all the bio-metric data is fetched from the machine and no unnecessary leaves are been deducted for any individual employee or student we need to freeze the muster after which no changes in the muster can be done. After freezing of the muster is done, the admin can proceed further for salary calculation.

CASE - 1

Working days calculation can be dependent on:

  • MUSTER (integrated with bio-metric and pulls attendance from there)
  • LEAVE Register – Leave availed by employees and LWP’s

In such cases all calculations are automatic. Before calculation of salary Leave admin freezes attendance, and removes any discrepancies in the records, if any are present. After freezing of attendance Finance Admin calculates the salary.

CASE - 2

  • However in some organizations MUSTER ENTRIES are not COMPULSORY.
  • In such cases configuration can be made such that each day default attendance of each employee is marked unless he/she has applied for Leaves.
  • Finance Admin to enter LWP manually at the time of Salary calculations. This is because Default attendance is market for each day even if the employee is absent and no leave application is filled.

Step by Step

  1. Monthly Muster Report
    Muster Report.jpg
  2. Freezed Muster Report
Freezed Muster (2).jpg