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Finance Admin


Reports » Academic Fee Reports » Fine Report

Terminology Used

Account For - Account For will be user defined name for particular fee structure. This can be used for identification purpose by user and will be displayed at student end also.

Amount (In ₹) - Miscellaneous Fees amount.

Description - For addition of description.

Inputs Needed

Account For

Amount (In ₹)



Add Fine - Fine can be add with some basic Account for,Amount etc.

Account For - Which type of account is used to add Miscellaneous Fees.

Amount - User can add miscellaneous fees amount.

Description - User can add description.

Screen Shots / Steps

Add Fine

- To add fine click on Add Student Miscellaneous Tab.

Student Fine.png

-- To add bulk fine click on Upload Student Miscellaneous Button.

Bulk Student Fine.png

Student Miscellaneous Report

- To view Un-Paid student miscellaneous fees click on Un-Paid Report Tab.

Un-Paid Fine.png

- To view Paid student miscellaneous fees click on Paid Report Tab.

Paid Student Fine.png

- To view student wise report click on Student Wise Report Tab.

Student Wise Report.png

- To edit or wave off student fine click on Action button.

Edit or wave off Student Fine.png

Accounting » Receipt Entry

- To take student fine click on receipt entry.

Student Fine Receipt Entry.png

- To take student fine click on New Receipt Voucher button.

Student New Receipt Voucher.png