Content Management System

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Content Management System

Content Management System(CMS) enables development, management, distribution, collaboration and delivery of content required or used for teaching purpose by an faculty for a program. It helps to effectively store, retrieve and access the training content which can be imported or exported.Enables user to share content with student, teaching or non-teaching staff.


All users from all logins.


Faculty login >> Shortcut >> DMS(Document Management System)

Student login >> Shortcut >> DMS(Document Management System)

All users from all logins

Terminologies Used

  • Tag: Tag helps to provide an reference to certain topic, headings or some end user.

Inputs Needed

  • Create Folder
  • Create Document
  • Upload File


  • Content upload.
  • Share content.
  • Link content to teaching schedule
  • Document management operations.
  • Real time tracking for shared content.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • DMS Option

  • DMS Folder
Content Management System3.png

  • Create DMS Folder
Content Management System4.png

  • Upload Document Option
Content Management System5.png

  • Upload Document
Content Management System6.png

  • Share Document Option
Content Management System7.png

  • Document Access
Content Management System8.png

  • Document Properties
Content Management System9.png

  • Document Shared with List
Content Management System10.png