Employee Department Mapping

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Employee Department Mapping

This feature is used to map employee with multiple departments. In many cases employee can be recruited in one particular department but he/she may works with multiple departments along with his/her original department.

In case of salary, employee will be on the pay scale of his/her original department only in spite of any departments he/she has be mapped.

Example- XYZ employee may be recruited at M.Sc (Comp Sci) department but XYZ can teach at B.Sc (Computer Sci) department also. In such cases department mapping will be used. Where service book of employee will be filled at M.Sc


Head Admin

Org Admin


Head Admin >> Post >> Post & Role Configuration

Org Admin >> Employee Service Book

Terminology Used

Department Mapping- Department mapping is allocation of employee with multiple departments.

Inputs Needed

Original department of employee in which employee is uploaded

Departments with which employee mapping is to be done.


Mapping of employee with multiple departments

Step by Step

1.Select department in which employee is originally uploaded (Service book is filled)

For example- In below screenshot employee 'Anita Rathod' is uploaded at B.B.A department. But along with B.B.A she may be teaching in B.B.A (IB). In this case employee will be mapped with B.B.A (IB).

Department program mapping.png

2. Click on 'Add to other dept'

Department program mapping2.png

3. Employee will be seen in B.B.A (IB) along with B.B.A

Department program mapping3.png