Crew Management

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Transport Admin


Fleet Management » Vehicle Configuration » Crew Management


  • Admin can view the all employees whose designation will be driver.
  • Admin have the provision to allocate the vehicle to the driver.
  • Same way admin can de-allocate the vehicle from the employee.
  • Admin can store the drivers license details badge no.

Step by Step

Crew Management

  • Select Transport Policy from the drop down.
  • You can see all the employees whose designation will be driver.
Crew 1.png
  • Before allocation you have to add his license details and Badge details.
  • To update the same, click on edit Icon and enter the details and click on save button.
Crew 2.png
  • To allocate the vehicle click on allocate vehicle button and select the vehicle type and vehicle from the drop down.
  • Admin have to enter the allocation period and shift timing while allocation.
Crew 3.png
  • To view the allocated vehicle details, click on View allocation button and you can able to see the allocated vehicle details.
Crew 4.png